Ever wanted to learn to play tennis but thought it would be too expensive? 

I really enjoy playing tennis, so much so that I've even travelled across the country to take part in both indoor and outdoor tournaments. Now I'm no champion tennis player, but getting out on a tennis courts and playing gives me a great buzz.

Here's the thing. Tennis is actually quite hard to play properly. It's a very technical game with many skills to develop if you're going to really enjoy something more than simply trying to get the ball over the net and into court. But it can be very daunting to turn up at a tennis club as a complete beginner, and it can be quite expensive too. Some indoor clubs charge as much as £35 for a single lesson. You can look up coaching on the internet, download videos and find a willing partner with whom to try and put what you see into action, but self-correcting isn't easy.

I'd like to help you get started and want to make learning to play tennis fun and affordable. 

Based in South Ockendon, Essex, we've started using a couple of local courts to help people develop the basic skills to enjoy tennis. A small, friendly adult group meets early on a Saturday morning and there's junior coaching on Sunday mornings. Adult group coaching costs £35 for 10 weeks*. Junior coaching currently costs £5 per session (paid in 4 week blocks of £20)**. Individual lessons cost £10-£15 for 45 mins-1 hour.

*Paid in advance. In the event of a week having to be cancelled it will be rescheduled at the end of the ten week period. Non-attendance at a session is non-refundable.

** Costs depend upon the size of the group. For a group lesson it will never be more than £5 per pupil.