My service includes:

Sports and Remedial Massage

Deep tissue massage, neuromuscular techniques, soft tissue release are all part of the treatment on offer. Sessions can be between 30 and 60 minutes depending on what is needed, but typically they are 60 minutes long. An initial assessment, including medical history, usually makes our first appointment about 75 minutes.

Personal Training

One-to-one training at home, outdoors or wherever is convenient. 

Small groups of anywhere between 2 and 8. If you have a couple of friends and want to to exercise together, why not get in touch and we can work out a group rate.

My main area of interest is functional fitness. That's fitness to do everyday tasks like run up the stairs rather than bodybuilding exercises. Most of the exercise I do involves using our own body weight to provide the resistance we need. I also use resistance bands and I'm currently experimenting with suspension training using the TRX system.

Alongside this I'm also interested in sports specific training where we use exercise to mimic specific sport demands and build appropriate strength and endurance.

My goal is to help you explore fitness, set realistic goals and have fun reaching them.

Well-being in the workplace

Combining both massage therapy and physical fitness into a package to help you and your employees get active and stay active. 

Individual training, small groups, lunchtime walks and runs, circuit training, group activities, can all be considered in a package to suit your budget.